Your estate plan can benefit by naming a corporate trustee. Estate plans are constructed today to address uncertainties in the future.  The final destination and use for your hard-earned assets and making sure those wishes are fulfilled is the goal. Things can change. Health and the presence of trusted, capable and willing fiduciaries can be uncertain in any family under any and all circumstances.  A chartered, regulated trust is a guaranteed solution that, should alternatives not exist at the time, your wishes will be carried out. Naming Union Bank & Trust as your trustee has added advantages. We will be glad to serve almost any size and complexity of trust assets, as long as the additional costs are warranted, in a world where vanilla assets and large securities portfolios are necessary for service at larger institutions.  We are small, but we have diverse, unique ownership that ensures we are not the next bank acquisition to make the nightly new. Finally, we work with the team you have selected. Your attorney, your financial advisor and your tax preparer can all remain key members of your family team should you so wish. We will not seek their removal or seek to provide those services in their stead. Please call our Personal Trust Professionals for additional information on our services.