Have you ever worked hard to build wealth and then lost the relationship to a trust company? All successful investment advisors have had the experience of working for years, maybe decades, faithfully advising an individual or family only to see these assets transferred to a trust institution, sometimes in a distant state.  Assisting a family in selecting Union Bank & Trust as the named fiduciary in your estate planning practices allow you to stay involved and maintain the relationship you have built. We work with dozens of high quality investment advisors, selected and trusted by the family, to preserve assets and maintain the solid stewardship that has brought them to this point.  Union Bank & Trust can officially appoint you as the advisor to the trust, continuing your role in much the same way as the past. You can manage the portfolio on your systems and the transactions you initiate for the client are executed in the same manner. We do not manage money and do not provide services in competition with you. Please call us and determine if Union Bank & Trust can be of service to your clients, in partnership with you, the professional who helped make it all happen.