A few tips and tricks to protect your online security:

Create strong passwords. One option is take a sentence that represents something in your life and turn it into a password: My anniversary is on September 12 (Maio0912 or MaioS12 or Ma!oS12) This would satisfy an alpha-numeric, and/or special character required password, at the same time creating a strong password that would be easily remembered by only you.

  • Do not use security questions with answers available on social-networking sites (Facebook)-for example, the name of your high school, the name of your dog.
  • Delete any/all unknown emails- do not open an email if you don’t know who it is coming from
  • Avoid using unsecured wireless (Wi-Fi) for any online activity that requires a password including online banking.
  • Ensure that you have an anti-virus software installed on your computer with scheduled updates and scans
  • Do not have passwords stored within close proximity of your computer
  • Change passwords frequently and do not share your password