Looking for a Custodian Who Knows Your Name? Union Bank is Custodian for Taft-Hartley and other employee benefit plans all over the country.  As other custodians have become global behemoths, our private ownership and focus allow us to maintain a level of personal service that has almost disappeared in our industry.  Our experienced Administration group will know the key client team members as well as all plan service providers such as consultants, administrators and auditors. We know that we are part of this web of support that keeps plan assets safe and properly stewarded.   You can design the level of content and access that works for your plan and choose from a number of statement formats and delivery methods. We also report electronically to your consultant or performance reporting service providing industry-standard integrated services.  Finally, we work with your auditors on a timely basis provided attestation to the integrity of the process that allows them to complete their important work. Union Bank & Trust is owned and controlled by employee benefit plan trustees who know and understand our important differences.  Please include us in your next search for competitive, high touch and access custodial services.