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Personal Trust

Trust & Fiduciary Services to Meet Your Needs

A trust is an effective tool for managing your assets during your lifetime and for the benefit of your loved ones after your death. Utilizing a trust ensures that your assets are administered without disruption and passed to the next generation according to your instructions.

UB Trust Division does not provide investment management services, so you can continue working with your financial professionals.

You have many choices for a trustee - yourself, a relative, a friend, financial planner, or a bank with trust powers. Some of the advantages of working with UB Trust Division are:

  • Knowledge and Expertise: UB Trust Division's trust professionals focus on providing their customers with the appropriate products and services.

  • Continuous Management: A bank has permanence and will always be present and available whereas individuals may not. At UB Trust Division, a team is assigned to your account.

  • Integration: With your direction, UB Trust Division will work closely with your financial advisors, including your attorney and accountant, to ensure that all of your selected advisors are coordinating efforts to best meet your financial objectives.

  • Personal Attention: Aiming to consistently meet and exceed your unique and individual expectations, your team of professionals proactively manages your relationship.

  • Regulatory Considerations: Union Bank and Trust must abide by strict state and federal guidelines.

We have the experience to handle all of your trust needs with the ability to work with others you trust with your financial future and that of your beneficiaries.

Living Trust

Get peace of mind knowing that your living estate plan is in place in the event of incapacity.


Trust Under Will

At the time of death, probate assets are turned over to the trustee to be managed  for the benefit of the family.


Charitable Remainder Trust

This unique estate planning vehicle provides a cash flow for life, or a period of years to the beneficiaries.


Irrevocable Insurance Trust

Get peace of mind knowing that insurance premiums are paid. This can provide significant death tax savings..


Estate Administration

This arrangement allows us to serve as sole executor or co-executor of the estate, to handle tax, legal and investment issues..


Guardianship Trust

This solution can help provide care for the assets of a minor or incompetent person. 


UB Trust Assist

This service helps individual trustees with the duties associated with handling personal trust issues and recordkeeping.



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