Born and Living in the Taft-Hartley World. We are Union-founded, Union-owned and Union-Controlled institution–truly unique proposition in today’s environment.  But, why does this matter? Our firm, like your fund, is dedicated to providing and protecting a dignified and healthful retirement for union members. We never lose sight of that goal—our owners won’t let us!  We understand the history of your organization and its struggle to achieve its goals. We participate in your events. We meet your trustees and your members. At the same time, our trust services for institutions are offered via the best technology in the industry.  We work with some of the most well-known progressive systems and technology firms for trust accounting, securities trading and all the components that allow us to provide responsive, accurate custody. Our systems are safe. Our providers invest billions every year in data integrity and our internal systems are tested for penetration and other protections on an annual basis.  We are constantly adding subsystems that allow us to better serve your needs and the needs of your dynamic investment portfolios. So, with Union Bank & Trust, you get excellence in trust custody services and our understanding and support of the Union Movement is free! Please include us in your next search for competitive, high touch and access custodial services.