about union bank & trust

Union Bank & Trust is Union Spoken


As other financial institutions have become global behemoths, our private ownership and focus allow us to maintain a level of personal service that has almost disappeared in our industry.

• With the same capabilities as the largest financial organizations, our experienced and highly credentialed staff offers the personalized service and feel of a local, community-oriented Bank & Trust organization.

• Founded by 24 construction and trade Unions in 1976, Union Bank & Trust is one of the only organizations in the country that is owned and controlled by the same members that created it over 40 years ago.

• The Trust Department is nationally recognized, safekeeping over $10.5 billion is assets for union pension and health and welfare funds across the United States.

• Founded by working people and serving long-term needs and economic well-being of those same individuals, we are also committed to local business and associations that support these communities.

Union Bank and Trust

Union Bank & Trust will provide Banking and Trust services both locally and nationally in a safe and sound manor; by keeping in compliance with all banking regulations and laws. The institution will provide a safe place for all employees to work and give back to the communities we serve while providing a fair return on our stockholder’s investment.

Core Values

We hold all employees and managers accountable for demonstrating the Values with customers and with one another. No one Value is more important than another; rather, they — together — represent who we are at UBT. Our Values are critical to our success — and that of our customers and the communities we serve: People, Passion, Performance, Quality, Innovation, Integrity.


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